We help Creatives & companies FIND EACH OTHER SELECTIVELY.

It starts with finding opportunities that match your skills

It levels up with hands-on mentorship and support from our deep industry experience.

FPO promotes a
for expanding opportunities.

FPO is a Creative Led Staffing Agency.

As Creatives, we recognize the needs of our own better than anyone else. And we inherently seek to support each other in pursuing our art and our crafts to new heights. We are our own best allies.

Whether you’re looking for your next gig or building and scaling a team, we help creatives and companies find each other. Selectively. The right fit to fulfill both your goals.



It starts with finding opportunities that match your skills. It levels up with hands-on mentorship and support from our deep industry experience.

  • Design Leadership
  • Management
  • Research
  • Industrial Design
  • Motion Design
  • Creative Tech.
  • UX
  • Product Management
  • Visual Design
  • Project Management
  • Strategy
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Full medical, dental, & vision.
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Having worked in the creative industry for over 20 years, Paul Cooper knows it inside and out. He’s been a designer, a freelancer, a director, and a hiring manager—most recently at Microsoft, developing talent and ideas within the Cloud +AI division.

The foundation of FPO is built on his experience and network. He’s in a better position to help you because he’s been you. He’s faced the same demands, sat in the same meetings, watched the same trends, even worried about the same shrinking budgets and timelines.

FPO is designed to curate an inclusive space for creatives and the companies that crave what they do. Dedicated first to focusing on finding the best opportunities for both sides—not just fill seats. And second, to giving back and growing our community.

Sofia Ibara
Sofia IbaraSr. Product Designer

Paul has an acute ability to spot exceptional talent and match people’s strengths to opportunities, but furthermore, genuinely cares about the success of his colleagues and making them feel empowered, connected, and valued.

Nicolae White
Nicolae WhiteCreative Director - Razorfish

Paul is truly passionate about bringing the right people together to solve creative challenges, and is magnetic when it comes to pulling together amazing talent.

Kuncil Jamal
Kuncil JamalProduct Designer

Paul was my first design mentor. He took a chance on me and helped me become the designer I am today. I was a designer with no design background or credentials, and he took a chance on me. He’s down to earth and knows how to cultivate a fun, empowering culture. His willingness to go the distance and find talent is phenomenal. Being a black designer early in my career, I dealt with serious case of imposter syndrome, and at times felt weak. He really helped me through it and for that I’m forever grateful. Awesome guy and die hard SuperSonics fan (#bringthemback). This is the guy you want building your team.

Kayleigh Knapp
Kayleigh KnappSr. Producer

Paul Cooper is a great Design lead who's superpower is finding, recruiting and growing incredible and diverse talent. In all of my years either working directly on his team or peripherally, I've constantly seen the care he puts into building a team comprised not only of some of the brightest designers but also the most genuine, passionate people. Culture curation comes naturally to him and is something he continues to prioritize his own growth around. He's puts into action what it means to put people first and proves that approach out with their impressive work that follows.

Uyen Cao
Uyen CaoDesign Manager

Despite majority of the team starting during covid, Paul did an amazing job cultivating a team and culture that felt inclusive, transparent, was super talented, and had truly bonded. Prior to working for him, I had experience as a creative designer with an interest in UX. Paul was open about seeing potential in me and gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in a new way, which I'm forever grateful for!

Arry Chanthamaly
Arry ChanthamalyProduct Designer

Paul is one of the best mentors and team leads I have ever worked for. He's a great ally and I never felt more safe coming to him about an issue at work. He genuinely puts his team on his back and I thank Paul for giving me an opportunity when many didn't.

Christian Vadi
Christian VadiSr. UX/UI Designer

I learned a lot in my time working with Paul, he’s an exceptional leader and really knows how to create an inclusive, diverse and creative team culture! He is not just fun to work with, but most importantly a person who brings out the best in his team, partners and pretty much everyone around him.

Deokhwan Choi
Deokhwan ChoiProduct Designer

Paul instantly reads every individual’s strengths and weaknesses and put them on the right projects with the right people. This led us to get the best outcome for both individual and product growth.